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Below are some testimonies from previous and current clients who were happy to share their experience with Dr. Venus.

GC, 28

“ I met Venus when she was working for an NHS subsidised therapy programme to work on my anxiety/depression and sexual health issues. I was impressed by how quickly we got to the causes of my problems, how knowledgeable and her informed her approach was and by her spiritual and genuinely caring nature. I am in a much better place now, and because of my journey with Venus I can see growth and beauty in my life journey too. I followed Venus when she moved to private sessions and I find her services and prices of extremely great value” 

LT, 40

“I recently had an astrological reading with Venus as I’d reached a point in my life of needing some direction with where to go in my career.

I found the reading to be mind blowing. It was incredibly in depth with regards to areas such as my personality, how I am with others and very eye opening was how these things are affecting my decisions in life with work and people.

It helped me to understand where I am going wrong and although I was aware of some of these things, she was able to tell me the most important question about WHY I behave in these ways and what I need to do to begin to change these behaviours which have not been serving me in my life so far.

Venus is a wonderful lady who’s approach and presence are incredibly personable, she has a natural gift to make you feel at ease and most importantly she genuinely cares and wants to help you achieve your full potential.

I would highly recommend working with her and will no doubt be doing so again in the future.”

EB, 26

When I first met Venus, I felt unlovable, unable to see an end to this feeling. Venus has helped me to reconnect with myself, offering support around anxiety, guilt, self-esteem, inner child connection, family relations and boundaries. She has helped me understand and transform the way I approach relationships. Venus is kind, empathic, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. She takes time to understand your experience, she provides external reading and resources to help you on your journey. After every session I have a better understanding of myself, my triggers and my healing journey. I feel so lucky to have met Venus and I would recommend her support to anyone!!

DM, 48

I’ve known Venus now for a few months through our therapy sessions and am pleased to have found her. I chose Venus because I wanted more than just a therapist; her holistic and spiritual side made me draw to her in our first consultation and was a key factor in seeking someone more than just someone to talk to. Months later, I am still working with her.  I am a person who doesn’t like to share their feelings to anyone but at the same time, the issue that I needed addressing wasn’t going to get fixed if I didn’t understand the root of the problem, and that’s where our sessions have massively helped. The sessions have allowed me to be open in a non-judgemental environment where I have explored beyond what the core issue is. I like that Venus always challenges me to think beyond the surface; she has a knack of getting to the root and can use her strong intuition to explore areas I didn’t see at first but is a part of the bigger issue I am trying to deal with. If like me, you’re reluctant to go to therapy, Venus will eliminate all your fears. It’s the best decision I made.

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