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Venus Salem

PGDip in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy
Psychosexual Therapist
Teacher of the Esoteric Mysteries and Metaphysical Sciences
Evolutionary Astrologer

I am a trauma informed, holistic psychosexual and relationship therapist. I work with themes related to sexual dysfunctions including: erectile dysfunction; low/hyper sex drive/desire; difficulties with orgasming; vaginismus, dyspareunia & vulvodynia; compulsive sexual behaviour; gender dysmorphia & discomfort with sexuality In children & adults; sex and performance anxiety; BDSM & Kink and igniting sexual desire between couples. 

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychosexual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Energy Healing, Psychological Astrology, Teacher of Esoteric Mysteries and Metaphysical Sciences

The reason being is that I have developed my therapeutic approach through years of study and experience. I have not shied away from learning a diverse range of tools looking for what works best for my clients. Hence my skills and tools are eclectic and my approach is pluralistic. I have been taught and trained by the greatest in the field of trauma healing, such as Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk and Dr. Gabor Maté, through their workshops and online courses.


As part of my MA degree, I have studied Jungian psychoanalysis and use Jungian concepts in my practice (please note that this does not mean I am a qualified Jungian Analyst).


I believe that the spiritual dimension is vital when it comes to healing and this does not necessarily equate to being 'religious' or even a believer in a traditional way philosophy . It is as simple as understanding that part of our experience on this planet is a spiritual one as well as physical, material one. This opens the door to understanding and reframing our mental, emotional and physical struggles in ways which empower us to overcome them. 

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Contact Me

I work primarily online which makes me available to clients to most countries worldwide (insurance permitting).

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries. I offer a free 15 minute consultation session if necessary. 

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