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Accelerated Transformation in 3 Sessions. For a Limited Time Only


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The Inevitable Hero's Journey Cycle

The Hero's Journey, discovered by both Joseph Campbell, who traced it in every myth in every region and culture in the world; and Carl Jung, who found it represented the psychological cycles every human being went through to reach the stage of individuation; the actualisation of our deepest truth and deepest purpose, is every human being's destiny. We are all at some point on the hero's journey. In fact we may be on different stages in different sections of our lives, but when we are stuck in one stage in one area, inevitably the rest of our journey is strained or obstructed for it. 

Dr. Venus represent the mentor or healer archetype in your hero's journey. She appears in her clients' lives when their lives are about to drastically change - for the better!

She appears to those who are ready to make a real and lasting change in their lives specially when everything else they've tried has not worked.  Their lives are literally unrecognisable. They go from lost to purposeful. From living a life where the world tells them who they are to a life where they powerfully tell the world who they are and how to respect them. From not knowing how to have healthy and lasting relationships, to finding exactly what they are need.


In just three powerful session, Dr. Venus can do the same for you. 

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For a Limited Time Only

What if I told you that a transformation is possible for you even if you do not desire regular therapy?

What if I told you that in just 3 sessions, I can change your life if you are a willing participant?

1 x Sanjeevani Shakti Energy healing session 

1 x A Psychological Astrology Reading Session

1 x Integration Session

= Your Life will never be the same again.

Is This Right For You?

Are you feeling any of the following:

  • Frustration 

  • Stuck

  • Don't know which direction to go in work or relationships

  • Do not know who you are

  • Do not know what you want

  • Unsure of what your next steps should be

  • Do not want to go to regular therapy 

  • Need help but feeling too overwhelmed with it all

Then this Accelerated Healing Program is for You

The Offer

A transformative experience through activating your inner power, your utmost desires and your life purpose. By the end of the three sessions, you will know:

  • Who you are and what your life journey is about

  • What your life purpose and your destiny are

  • What your greatest challenges are and how to overcome them

  • The answer to any other questions that you may have regarding relationships and/or work


Activate Your Power Archetypes 

Dr. Venus Salem, a trained and experienced psychological astrologer, will take you on a deep dive of psychoanalysing the various archetypes specific to your natal chart to help you discover which archetypes are underdeveloped, over-developed and which energies to activate to help you achieve your highest potential in any given area of your life. This reading will help you understand your energetic signature, the archetypes which dominate your life and how to overcome any obstacles that are energetically present in your life at this time.


Sanjeevani Shakti Energy Healing Session

This is a powerful energy healing modality. Using crystals, yantras and sacred geometry technology, this session facilitates deep purification and awakening; sacred downloads, initiations and activations; activates your DNA and awakens your visionary abilities. 

These sessions tend to be full of unexpected surprises for my clients. During these sessions, both myself and my clients receive messages and downloads through our psychic channels (clairvoyantly, clairauditory, clairsentiently, etc. It is impossible to list all the benefits here due to how vast and varied and unique these experiences tend to be.

Integration Session

This is the final session which is a 1:1 session with Dr. Venus for you to discuss and integrate all the activations and transmissions that you have accessed in the last two sessions. This journey will activate a lot of healing and awareness that will show up in your day-to-day life and your dreams. In this session, Dr. Venus will help you make sense of it all, facilitate your integration and support you in planning out the next stage of your life journey.

Your Investment

Regular Cost

Activating Your astrological archetypes = £222

Sanjeevani Shakti Energy Healing = £155

1:1 Integration Session = £70

= £447

Limited Offer


Book Today - Offer Ends February 29th 2023 


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